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Dr. Waqar Yousuf Azeemi Chairman Monthly Roohani Digest
Ms. Fauzia Shaheen Vice Chairperson Monthly Dastak
Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed Mohajir Member Monthly Fashion Collection
Mr. Ansar Bhatti - Monthly Centre Line
Mr. Riaz Ahmed Mansuri - Monthly Cricketer
Ms. Rukhsana Saulat Saleemi - Weekly Nikhar
Mr. Sardar Khan Niazi - Monthly Naya Rukh
Prof. S.B. Hassan - Monthly Invest. & Marketing
Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi - Monthly Naey Ufaq
Mr. Adnan Faisal - Monthly Brands
Mr. Muhammad Owais Raazi - Daily Taqat, Lahore
Mian Fazal Elahi - Monthly Diplomatic Focus