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No. Name
1 M/s. A.S. Salam Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
2 M/s. A.Y Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
3 M/s. Ahmed Associates (Builders & Developers)(Suspended)
4 M/s. AIMS Institute of Management Sciences (Suspended)
5 M/s. Al Makkah Associates Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
6 M/s. Al Mustafa Valley (Suspended)
7 M/s. Al-Wahab Builders & Developers (Suspended)
8 M/s. Alam Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
9 M/s. Annafeu Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
10 M/s. Ansah Enterprises Builders & Developers (Suspended)
11 M/s. Avalon Enclave (Pvt.) Ltd.(Avalon City, Rawalpindi)(Suspended)
12 M/s. Baldia Town, Karachi (Suspended)
13 M/s. Bismillah Housing Services (BL Frontline)
14 M/s. Bloom Field School, Islamabad (Suspended)
15 M/s. Bumbia Associates (Suspended)
16 M/s. Career Information Network (Suspended)
17 M/s. Computer Research (Pvt.) Ltd.(Suspended)
18 M/s. Country Builders (BL Frontline)
19 M/s. D.K Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
20 M/s. Dairy Development Board (Suspended)
21 M/s. District Municipal Corporation (DMC) Central(Suspended)
22 M/s. DYL Motorcycles Ltd. (Dawood Yamaha Limited)(Suspended)
23 M/s. Electronic Govt. Directorate (EGD) Ministry of Information Technology(Suspended)
24 M/s. Employment Processing Resource (Suspended)
25 M/s. Essem Hotels Ltd. (Suspended)
26 M/s. Ezee Travel (Pvt.) Ltd. (Suspended)
27 M/s. FarmALL Technology (Pvt.) Ltd. (Suspended)
28 M/s. Fast Marketing Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.(Suspended)
29 M/s. Genesys Consultants (Suspended)
30 M/s. Genesys School Textile & Fashion Design (Suspended)
31 M/s. Get Technologies (Suspended)
32 M/s. Ideal Developers (BL Frontline)
33 M/s. International Business Corp (Suspended)
34 M/s. International Land Mark Developers (BL Frontline)
35 M/s. Javeria Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
36 M/s. Karachi Academia of Diversified Education & Training (Suspended)
37 M/s. Karachi Cadet School (Suspended)
38 M/s. Karachi School of Textile & Fashion Design (Suspended)
39 M/s. Konnect Holden (Pvt.) Ltd.(Suspended)
40 M/s. Lyari Town (CDGK) (Suspended)
41 M/s. Mak Sons International Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
42 M/s. Makkah Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
43 M/s. Mercy Corporation (Suspended)
44 M/s. Metro Hi-Tech (Pvt.) Ltd.(Suspended)
45 M/s. Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (City District Govt. Lahore)(Suspended)
46 M/s. Ministry of Education (Suspended)
47 M/s. Ministry of Food & Agriculture & Livestok (Govt. of Pakistan)(Suspended)
48 M/s. Ministry of Housing and Works (Suspended)
49 M/s. Ministry of Livestock (Suspended)
50 M/s. Ministry of Minorities Affairs(Govt. of Pakistan)(Suspended)
51 M/s. Moon Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd.(Suspended)
52 M/s. Mushko Electronics (Pvt) Ltd (Suspended)
53 M/s. National Information Technology Board (Suspended)
54 M/s. Pakistan Computer Bureau (Cabinet Division)(Suspended)
55 M/s. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)(Suspended)
56 M/s. Pakistan International Quality Control (Suspended)
57 M/s. Paradise Holdings (Suspended)
58 M/s. Petrosin Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. (Suspended)
59 M/s. Professional Institute of Pakistan (PIP),Lahore (Suspended)
60 M/s. Qazi Traders and Marketing (Suspended)
61 M/s. Rufi Builders (Suspended)
62 M/s. Rufi Properties, (Karachi) Suspended
63 M/s. Saad Akbar Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.(Suspended)
64 M/s. Sadaf Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
65 M/s. Sahir Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.(Suspended)
66 M/s. Samama Construction Co. (BL Frontline)
67 M/s. SAREMCO Ltd. (Suspended)
68 M/s. SAREMCO Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd.(Suspended)
69 M/s. Shan Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
70 M/s. Shehzad Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
71 M/s. Shiza Ali Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
72 M/s. SkyLine Developers (Suspended)
73 M/s. Smart Shop Pakistan (Suspended)
74 M/s. Structure Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
75 M/s. Sumsum Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)
76 M/s. Sunrise Enterprises (BL Frontline)
77 M/s. The Vitamin Company (Global Health Care Company)(Suspended)
78 M/s. Town Municipal Administration Keamari (Suspended)
79 M/s. Transport Department, Govt. of Punjab (Suspended)
80 M/s. UIG (Pvt.) Ltd. Formerly Grand Mercure Karachi (Suspended)
81 M/s. University of Health Sciences, Lahore (Suspended)
82 M/s. World Properties (Suspended)
83 M/s. Zulfiqar Builders & Developers (BL Frontline)