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Ads of ManhattanPakistan’s Clients

Ref: APNS/2010/01-A                                     January 5, 2010

To:      All Accredited Advertising Agencies.
Sub:    Ads of  ManhattanPakistan’s Clients.
Dear Sirs,
Please refer our Circular No.APNS/2009/255 dated December 07, 2009 wherein the business of the above agency was suspended due to non-payment of APNS member publications. Despite our best efforts, the agency has not yet cleared the reported dues of member publications.
We enclose herewith a list of clients of the above agency and advise all accredited advertising agencies not to issue any release order of the above listed clients of the agency till the dues are cleared and clearance issued by the APNS. Please note in case of any violation, action will be taken as per rules of the Society.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
( Dr. Tanvir A. Tahir )
 Executive Director

Encl.: As above