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Publication of Govt. Ads.

Ref: APNS/2010/185                                               September 15,  2010


To:               All Member Publications


Sub:  Publication of Govt. Ads.


Dear Sirs,


We have been  approached by member publications that some accredited agencies dealing with government clients send material of advertisements which is not covered with the release order. The agencies on approach state  that the RO will be issued later on but normally these ROs are either not issued or issued late. Further the delayed ROs normally do not mention the positions or premiums thus, denying the publications of their due revenues. This trend is on the increase and requires an immediate action.


We therefore, request our member publications not to print government advertisements on verbal orders of either  the advertising agencies, clients or even PID. The member publications should insist the concerned to provide RO alongwith the material of the advertisement, failing which, the ad should not be published. However, if a member publication prints ad of government client without RO of the agency, the APNS will not be able to entertain complaint for clearance of the ad in question.


Thanking you,


Your faithfully,




( Sarmad Ali )

Secretary General