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Advertisements of M/s. National Highway Authority (NHA)

Ref: APNS/2010/92                                         April 10, 2010

To:      All Member Publications
Sub:    Advertisements  of M/s. National Highway Authority (NHA).
Dear Sirs,
We have been approached by M/s. Manhattan Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. that the member publications / appointed agencies do not follow the bifurcation of advertisements of M/s. National Highway Authority (NHA) as mentioned in our Circular No.APNS/2010/65 dated March 15, 2010 which reads as follows :
         “M/s. National Highway Authority,        M/s. Channel 7:
         Public Relations Directorate,               for Classified (Sindh Region)
         27 Mauve Area, G-9/I, Islamabad.
         Ph: 051-9262153 Fax: 9260042           M/s. Ideas Workshop:
                                                                              for Classified (NWFP Region)
                                                                              M/s. Synergy: for Classified (Punjab)
                                                                              M/s. Kenad Advertising:
                                                                              for Classified (Northern Areas)
                                                                              M/s. M Communications:
                                                                              for Image Building (Northern Areas)
                                                                              M/s. Orient Advertising:
                                                                              for Classified (Balochistan Region)
                                                                              M/s. ManhattanPakistan:
                                                                              for Image Building (Classified Head Office)”
Member publications are hereby advised to accept the ads of the above clients as per circulated bifurcation, else the punitive action will be taken against violating publications / advertising agencies.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
( Dr. Tanvir A. Tahir )
 Executive Director
Cc. to: The Concerned Advertising Agencies.