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Ref:APNS/2010/88                                                                              April 7, 2010                                                         

To:All Member Publications
        All Accredited Advertising Agencies
Dear Sirs,
Please refer our Circular No.APNS/2010/74 dated March 25, 2010 wherein we had informed you that the Executive Committee at its meeting held on March 10, 2010 granted associate membership to following applicant publications. We hereby circulate the name of publications with complete addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers:
1.  Daily Express                                                2.   Daily Express
Taqwa Building, G.T. Road,                                  Ameen Garh,
Near: General Bus Stand,                                     Couper Chimni Hotel,
Gujranwala.                                                           Rahimyar Khan.
Ph: 0431-733712-3 Fax : 733715                         Ph: 068-5875342 Fax: 5877955
3.   Daily Express                                                4.   Daily Taqat,
      8-S, 124/1, Azad Road, Block-2,                          RehmanPark, Kacha Khayali Road,
      Sargodha.                                                             Gujranwala.
      Ph: 0451-719993 Fax: 719995                             UAN: 111-222-173 Fax: 4254113
5.   Daily Taqat                                                     6.   Daily Taqat
      House No.593-C Block,                                        Soni Square, Khadim Ali Road,
      Satellite Town, Bahawalpur.                                 Sialkot.
      UAN: 111-222-173 Fax: 2740593                        UAN: 111-222-173 Fax: 3550243
7.   Daily Taqat                                                     8.   Daily Ittehad
      21-B, 1st Floor, Hockey Stadium,                          15-A, IslamiaClubBuilding,
      MedinaTown, Faisalabad.                                    Khyber Bazar, PeshawarCity,
      UAN: 111-222-173 Fax: 8555200                        Peshawar. Ph: 2565636 Fax: 2217597
9.   Daily K-2                                                         10. Daily Islam
      Maqpoon House,                                                   House No.2165, Lucky Plaza,
      Roumolu Baltistan NAS,                                       Chowk Fawwara, Multan
      Ph: 051-4428995 Fax: 4428994                           Ph: 061-519286, 511874 Fax: 519304
11. Daily The Frontier Post
      10-Queens Road,
      Lahore. Ph: 042-36169806
Please include the above in the list of APNS member publications.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
( Dr. Tanvir A. Tahir )
 Executive Director