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Dues against M/s. Sarhad Tourism Corporation.

Ref:APNS/2010/09                                          January 9, 2010

To:      All Member Publications
Sub:    Dues against M/s.  Sarhad Tourism Corporation.
Dear Sirs,
The above client is listed under M/s. Manhattan Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., a suspended advertising agency. The clients have claimed that they had not released any business through the above agency for last several years and nothing is outstanding against member publications on account of M/s. Manhattan Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
You are therefore, requested to send us the statement of your outstanding bills, if any, relating to the above clients’ advertisements released through M/s. Manhattan Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.  Please send your response latest by January 16, 2010.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
( Dr. Tanvir A. Tahir )
  Executive Director